My manager is a sexist asshole by Atroxi

So for a few months now I've been talking to my managers and trying to switch my days off for ones I NEED by august when my daughter starts school. The first one, and the one I'm bitching about, lead me around for weeks thinking he'd probably fix it. Then he wouldn't give me a straight answer so I asked one of my best managers who just happened to be at a lower level to talk to him. Finally he told me no way. I was pissed. A couple new people got hired in so I asked my other higher level manager who let me know there were a couple more new hires coming in, once they got trained up she'd help me get my days. She got transferred to Florida right after the new guys got hired. The asshole I'm writing this about was the one who worked out their schedules and he gave them BOTH the days off that I need! Both of them are under 20 and male. Both of them live with their parents and have no responsibilities. I'm sure he purposely did it, he has known for a few months about my situation, and he just rubs it in my face like this. I. AM. LIVID. I just don't know what to do. No manager above him works during third shift so trying to talk to someone is difficult.

My manager is a sexist asshole


20 May 2014 at 05:14:34 MDT

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    i knew this would make me mad to read and it def makes me mad >:(
    if it's a corporate entity there's usually a confidential worker complaint hotline you can call. if not, i dunno.

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      Heck yea. Big corporation. They don't have the number up in plain view anywhere that I could see, and the hr lady in the store doesn't get there until later in the morning after I'm gone. I could always call for the number though. I'm just an awkward butt and I was too pissed when I found out their days off weren't just computer generated. That's how it worked when I was hired ages ago, and day shift managers were the ones hiring. I don't know when third shift started its own hiring and schedule making, I think it was just this batch though.

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        i'd even google for it. i mean idk the company name and i don't wanna risk your employment by asking, but generally if you put like 'company worker complaint hotline' or something in google it'll turn up a number.

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          Hmm. That's a good idea! Thank you. I don't think of very helpful things for myself. Oops. I think I'm gonna try to talk to him first one more time, and if he acts like a dick about it then I'll go over his head. I just snapped when I found out the new guys schedules weren't computer generated the way things were when I started. And that the asshat was the hiring manager responsible for them.

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    You may need to go in when a higher manager is there and talk to them then. If that doesn't get it resolved, call Human Resources or your DM.

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      I'm on my days off now. I think the asshole guy will be there when I go back and I'll try to talk to him. If he just blows me off or acts like a dick as usual I'll stick around after my shift until the store manager gets there. He's a dick too though, but less sexist.

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    That is just utter bullshit :I