(Not much to say here; this will be short and sweet).
Welp, I made it. Made it through that torrential shitstorm. Thank the Lord above. Hello, summer.

Liberation. Such a beautiful feeling. I feel a tremendous weight being lifted off my back and see the bright light ahead. I feel free. On Saturday, I resigned from my [current] two jobs (as they lasted the duration of the school year) and now I have an easy summer job. Hopefully, this summer isn't depressing like last summer (comment if you want to hear the whole story) where I may actually try to get something done this time around. Because I really would like to focus more on my art. Even though I'm still recuperating from finals (please God, I hope I at least passed) as I spent the last day or so sleeping it off, with little to no motivation for drawing (if someone were to ask me what's the hardest part of drawing for me, it would definitely be motivation). And it didn't help at all that Mommy stumbles over on my Saturday and begs me to mow her lawn in the hot sun while she sits around like a lazy fuck. Again, different story. But I digress.

Starting tomorrow, [hopefully] I plan to kickstart my art progress again (because it's desperately needed in my embarrassingly bare gallery) without interruptions. I just have a fuckton of unfinished pieces that I really want to finish up/do over (including a third Victory Day picture I hadn't quite had the time to finish). So, just expect my art progress to be slightly quicker, as I plan to post more Kaz pictures, introduce more characters, and later, kickstart my comic book. Yay.



19 May 2014 at 01:15:28 MDT

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