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05-17-14 Crow Sunday Papers 5 by LudoCrow

Offline commissions Slots:

Temporarily disabled for the time being pending a revamped pricelist.

Private streams are now possible outside of public streams hours, at the same hourly rates.

The news

Busy day was busy. My mother has had a a lot of a stressful week at a new job she is only now starting to realizes she hate which, combined to stuff she's had to deal with a home, led me and my roomate deciding to invite her today for dinner so that for a day after her work she has to worry about nothing else than enjoying herself.

Back to art and commissions, Dungeon&Werewolves week has been most satisfying. Though business was still a bit slower than I would have liked getting commissions from new clients and working on subjects I actually enjoy was most satisfying. And, I must admit, this is why I does these discounted theme weeks: to reward people for allowing me to draw subjects I enjoy and wishes to draw. Tablet is continuing to holds -very- nicely, which is most satisfying and has made me feel validated in my decision to order this monoprice tablet back in december 2013 after much stress and worries in tech issues-riddled March and April(ontop of other things). For the time being, in a fashion.... I am now content.

On a sidenote, I brought up a small tweak to this week's schedule. Thursday's stream has been moved from the evening to the afternoon due to a potential activity this week(and possibly others) which I may attend and to compensate friday's stream has been moved from the afternoon to the evenning.

As for this week's livestream's theme, I am hoping for a most humorous and adorable theme with "Adventures in Otter Space", in honor of those bundles of elemental joys that are otters.


I've been following a couple of kickstarters lately and wishes to share them with folks:


First is Kaiju-a-Gogo.
"Like Evil XCOM meets Evil Genius. With Kaijus".

A world domination game where you'll play a mad scientist out to conquer the world with the giant monster they have grown in their lab in a game inspired by XCOM's tactical combat and strategic map.
Kerberos Productions are a game studio I've been following since many years now and whom I greatly enjoy. In a time where now many people complains(and that is sometimes an euphemysm...) about disapointing outcome of high-funding kickstarters which seems to never go out of Early Access(when they get released at all), Kerberos is now at their third Kickstarter game and have been able to not only release their first game despite a goal which originally was not met on Indiegogo, but are now at the third DLC for it.
And their second project(despite, again, not meeting goal on indiegogo) is now about to go out of Early access in a matter of weeks.
Where others have failed in the eyes of others despite highly successful funding, Kerberos has managed to deliver even when it seemed failure would be the only result(though it also helps that indiegogo allowed for funding to be received even when the goal wasn't met).

Now they're trying again for a third time, with a new intelectual property which, I believe, has the potential of being a new "Sword of the Star: The Pit" in terms of success.

Oh, also, it has already hinted that their game studio will totally be one of the landmarks that players will be able to destroy in the game(alongside with the rest of Vancouver).


It's hard to say what I think of this one, especially with the high level of it's goal, but it has a most promising presentation. Personally, I am left wondering if this might not finally be "Spore done right" though other people think that it instead looks like a most promising successor to "Populous"

Livestream Schedule

Week's theme: Adventures in Otter Space!

This week, non-sketch commissions for adorable otters or works of space-future science-fiction are 10% off. This mean that my hourly rate for such commissions will be of 22.50$ instead of 25$ per hours.

(Hours given are representative of the EST timezone)
Monday: 12pm-4pm
Tuesday: 12pm-4pm & 7pm-10pm
Wednesday: 12pm-4pm & 7pm-10pm
Thursday: 12pm-4pm
Friday: 7pm-11pm

Streaming, as always, is on Picarto:

05-17-14 Crow Sunday Papers 5


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