Interested in learning Japanese? :D by Adeen

So I have decided to get back on track in my Japanese studies, but to do this I need your help! I can't study alone, and I need to have people there learning with me.

If you've ever been interested in learning Japanese, NOW is always the best time to start, and by joining me, you'll gain a study partner and a new friend to converse with in a brand new language! It's exciting and easy to learn (though as all things, it takes lots of practice!). I'll be researching as much as I can through the internet, books, my local Japanese bookstore, and my network of native speakers to ensure that all the things I write about in my blog will be as relevant, useful and accurate as possible!

I'd love to have you guys along for the ride, and Japanese is a gorgeous and useful language, so if you're interested, just hop on over to my blog:

I've already made a first post which includes plenty of material to start off with! I hope to see you guys there~ <3

Interested in learning Japanese? :D


28 November 2012 at 00:54:11 MST

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