Inactiff by pomchi

WOW I suck, right?
I'll try to be more active and everything = v =;;
I don't know why I'm drifting away from this place
what should I do? What would you guys like me to do? xD
how about like give me a pokemon to draw? And I'll like try to make fan art sometimes~~ o 3 o
or tell me if you want fan art or a gijinka made out of it? XD hua that could be fun!



14 May 2014 at 20:51:51 MDT

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    I know it's tough, its hard to stay active here (I think may be because there isn't enough interaction here???) I dunno, I'm going to try! >:D

    pokemons, pokemons, hmmm ... snivy, fennikin, growlithe, togekiss, mew (just some from top of my head atm lol) gijnka or not up to you!

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      maybe, like sometimes I try to comment on work and never get a reply back so I'm like merp welp see no point that > o >
      omg yus I shall draw all those > V <

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    ooh Fennekin <3 or vulpix (noIdon'tlikefoxesatal b-baka)

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      your wish is mah command, le vulpix has been made = v = teehee

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        it's so adorable <3

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    i know what you mean. Lately ive been on&off with drawing in general, you cant help but loose interest in somethings if they dont catch your interest by alot, maybe getting involved in the forums might help? for me it didnt so i cant really say much, i hope you find out what to do soon! o uo)/