Keep an eye out for a commission sale by whiteicepanther

I'm debating on a couple of commission sale ideas. But I think I've pretty much got it decided. So if you're on a site that allows for larger icons/avatars than DA does - or if you just want one anyways - and have a character or want to be cartooned yourself... keep an eye out.

The other idea I have I wont say just yet what it is, but it will be a bit bigger than that and along the lines of speed paintings.

Other than that, general life stuff. Did a stream spontaniously on Tuesday and it went pretty well. Minus the couple minutes my net provider decided to stop provided internet. Luckily it came back on rather quick and I got the stream back up. Phew!

Next stream will hopefully be early next week. I'm in the middle of POV weightloss documentary and helping a friend get ready for her wedding, as well as my volunteer work at an animal shelter, so my schedule has been interesting. But I really need to get back into shape not just physically but also with my work.

But to those who stopped by and watched my last stream, thanks for joining me! Special thanks to Taross for commissioning a part 2 to a commission did during a different stream. And it was nice hearing from those of you who stopped by and said, "hi." Even if it was only for a few minutes (Huma!) or if it was a few hours after the livestream ended haha. (Yes, I saw that Komitadjie. ;P)

See ya all around in a livestream soon!

Keep an eye out for a commission sale


14 May 2014 at 20:24:06 MDT

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    Sounds like a busy one around you place for sure, WIP! And yeeeeeeah, I DID kinda' miss prime time. By a couple hours... XD

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      Haha it's cool. I just giggled when I saw the comment later that night in the stream chat.

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        Well, I suppose falls under the general title of "better late than never?" xD