THANKS / Little rant / Trades anyone? by Reisfuchs

Hey y'all!

First of all: Thanks for over 200 followers! I am in awe at how well reiceived my art is on here, especially these past few weeks. I am generally very self-concious when it comes to my art, but every comment, every fave and especially the follows of course make me feel all warm and tingly inside! gleams and chuckles I am so so so grateful that I have all of you! Every single one!!! :)

(beware, rant)
Past weeks have been a little hard on me otherwise though. I have been very down, very depressed, relapsed a few times and did stuff I shouldn't have. Couldn't manage things that usually weren't problematic at all. I isolated myself from my friends, haven't seen them in over a month. And I have no contact to my master or mistress either - I don't know if they are okay? But I am beyond ashamed, that I didn't call / text earlier, so Im not gonna start now.... I have been living in absolute chaos and filth lately, got late to work almost every day. Once I overslept for over an hour? Had two missed calls from my boss... I am very very lucky with my boss though, he wasn't really mad or anything. But yeah, of course he said that this couldn't go on, I have to pull my shit together. Getting so much art done and such positive feedback gives me a lot of strength though and it's gradually getting better again. Also, work is actually fun and relaxing, so I got kind of a save haven here?
(tl;dr - rant over xD)


I really enjoyed doing some trade sketches these days. They are good to get me starting on bigger projects and I enjoy the practice. So if you are interested in trading, comment with a few refs and info and shit - I would love to expand my gallery with all yer beautiful creatures :>

I love you all, thanks for your support <3

THANKS / Little rant / Trades anyone?


14 May 2014 at 07:45:39 MDT

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    I would love to do a trade with you! But i was wondering if there is a time period that the pic needs to be done?

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    Haben sich denn dein Meister oder Fabio mal bei dir gemeldet?

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      Fabio ja, die Herrschaft net. Mit Fabio war ich mal im Kino, Star Wars Marathon :P Aber ansonsten mach ich mit niemandem was mehr :c Will mciha ber bald wieder mit Shiko treffen freu

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        SW Marathon is immer gut :D

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          Oh ja, wollte die immer mal im Kino sehen. Ganz anderes Feeling!!! War obergut :D

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    Only recently found your work but I really enjoy it. I hope things will look up for you soon!

    Stuff is chaotic over here but it will only be that way for a week or two longer. After that point I'd love to trade. I'm looking to gather more art for one of my partners. This is their character: They do wear clothes I swear, they're just not shown in the ref! xD androgynous casual goth stuff is fine.

    And she can be drawn alone or with either/both of her partners. This is my ref: and this is my other partner's ref: they also wear clothes, not shown -- more witchy and foresty or kinky feeling goth.
    If you'd like to trade whom would you like me to draw?

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    Silly woman! D: You know I'm -right here- for you if you need to talk or get stuff out of your chest! :C Even if I'm not online (because time zones suck ass), you can just dump what's bothering you and I'll reply ASAP :C hugs lots and lots and lots

    Nice to see work is being good to you, though. Silver lining and al that <3