Got addicted to drawing Nox by CrossroadsKing

Whoops....sorry for any art floods of goofy ocean deity sketches.

You have been warned.

dammit ZeeNovos....this is all your fault <3

Got addicted to drawing Nox


12 May 2014 at 13:53:21 MDT

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    I happily accept this blaaaaame~!

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      Lol! It's all your fault!

      Totally not a bad thing, you're getting me to draw....which I need to do more in the first place. \o/
      If he wasn't such a serious character in personality i'd draw him being a goof
      but it'd be out of character

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        *immediately pounces on this* DRAW YOUR CHARACTERS HAVING OUT OF CHARACTER MOMENTS! That's a marvellous prompt! That, or do a shattered glass version!

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          omigosh my characters out of character are either really goofy or like super serious....maybe a few creepy ones xD

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          Nox, out of character is a goofy evil butt. My brain can't compute.

          You should do it too though xD it'd be funny to see some of your characters ooc

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            Hahahaha well when I get back on Thursday (going to an event), I'll certainly try!

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              Ooooh! And I did the pearls for pestilence demon is mad at me and appalled by his new eyes

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                Hahahahaha oh dear!