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05-11-14 Crow Sunday Papers 4-Getting back to Business by LudoCrow

Offline commissions Slots:

Temporarily disabled for the time being pending a revamped pricelist.

Livestream Schedule

Week's theme: Dungeons&Werewolves

This week, non-sketch commissions for werewolf and fantasy adventurer-types characters are 10%. This mean that my hourly rate for such commissions will be of 22.50$ instead of 25$ per hours.

(Hours given are representative of the EST timezone)
Monday: 12pm-4pm
Tuesday: 12pm-4pm & 7pm-10pm
Wednesday: 12pm-4pm & 7pm-10pm
Thursday: 7pm-11pm
Friday: 12pm-4pm

Streaming, as always, is now on Picarto:

Tech update & new stuff

Welp, that's a late one for tonight. Mothers Day do that though and I'm perfectly fine with it.

First of all, as some who have followed me might already know of, I can finally attest that my technical issues with streaming are finally over. After a most satisfying public livestream this last saturday, streams where I need to reboot the stream due to memory leaks or abort the stream itself due to computer crashes are finally over.
Which makes me happy as I can finally get back to business proper without being held back by purely tech issues.

Now, you can now see I've brought some changes to this weekly journal post. First, until I get myself properly set up in my livestream commissions schedule, I have temporarily disabled Offline commissions.
Second is obviously the new addition of a livestream schedule and themed weeks.
As it stands(until I get a proper pricelist made for offline coms), themed week is a new addition that will be available to livestream commissions. As explained, every weeks I will have a given "theme". While I will draw more or less almost anything wants during a week(within my list do and don't), during themed weeks people who asks for commissions within the week's theme will have 10% off their livestream commission(applicable only to commissions of more than 30 minutes, thus those on which the hourly rate applies).

For a time, every week will present a new theme, but eventually(probably after around a month) some themes might become semi-reccuring.

Space Engineers Saturdays

I like Space Engineers. If you don't know what the game is, here's the steam store page for it:

Basically, it's minecraft in space with very nice graphics, an awesome block destruction and distortion engine and (even though it's still in alpha) with content that comparable to stuff found only in some minecraft mods(I'm talking being able to build your own spaceships, conveyor belts, rotors and other complex mechanisms).

And basically, I'm thinking of creating a weekly gaming session on a survival server I will be hosting every saturdays which will be temporarily open to all until filled at capacity(I'm looking toward a 8 players server, at least until dedicated servers are in).

It's a fun game, and extremely well supported by it's devs with a new content patch nearly every thursday(so a saturday stream being a couple days later would give time for bugs hotfix patches to go out before the gaming session).

I have created a group for the event, so people interested in joining the event and sessions are welcomed to join the group :)

It's currently a bit barebone, but will be progressively updated with more informations as the week progresses.

05-11-14 Crow Sunday Papers 4-Getting back to Business


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