RAGE by Kordoruna

The ps3 I got 5 days ago that my friend bought me just up and died. I now have to bring it to a gamestop in a crowded mall on a weekend to get it replaced. I wouldn't be so upset about it if it weren't for the fact that the save data for the psp games I stored onto it is gone forever. Because, I thought," oh hey! You can store psp stuff on here! I can clear it off and make room for more stuff and pick it up later!!!" NOPE.

Also my bank is a pile of craptastic because it charged my account for some random reason so I now have less than $20. Which is also bad because I still need a new id which costs $20 as well (as food money and whatnot). (previously mentioned id is gone because it was left at AT&T on accident and shredded before I could get it back) Annnnnd as an added bonus, it is currently 90 degrees outside I have to travel in and my body is reminding me why I hate it. Yay female gender!!!!



10 May 2014 at 14:54:13 MDT

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