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names are tough, damn by Tinu

I've wanted to change my legal name for a very long time, and now I have a sort of deadline. I need to renew my passport in the summer, and this time it'll last for ten years (which is longer than I want to wait) and to change the name on it at a different time would cost a lot of money.

I feel pretty confident about the first name I've chosen, and I promised my mother I'd keep my current first name as a middle name. I currently have two middle names and I'd like to keep it that way, but I'm having trouble deciding on a second one. The surname is also giving me a lot of trouble; the one I'm most attached to doesn't mix well with the first initial I would have. Also it's pretty short and begins with A, though I'm not quite sure why that bothers me

Anyway I guess I just wanted to complain a bit, I've been thinking about this for so many years and I just want it to be over and done with.

names are tough, damn


8 May 2014 at 06:11:58 MDT

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    I got my name change just done. The process costed 110€(name council)+90€ (passport and drivers license), but totally worth it. But I had to wait four months to get the legal approval for it, not sure if you have such a waiting time. Plus here they might decline that name and you have to pay them again to think about it again.
    And yeah, my former first name is now my second name as promised to my parents. Go figure why. My name doesn't rang well at all, but at least the first name is what is should be and that is all I care in the end.

    The surename you are attached to, does it rang well with your first name? Because in the end that's the thing that is heard the most, I guess. Name things are a tricky sometimes, but once you get your real name on papers it really is worth it. And thinking it hard and well is important! I messed up my stuff first becasue I was young, stupid and only thought what other people might think about my name. Boy, was I wrong, but all is good now!

    My problem was that it's hard to have a "male" name if you are female, but thankfully the name council approved it, so yay!

    Yeah, just telling out a familiar experiense with a happy ending. And continuation. :)

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      There's not that long a wait here, since you only need a deed poll to change your name in my country. I imagine changing all your information on things takes a while though! The only restrictions for names are that you can't have a name that's a derogatory term or a swear word or promoting hatred, things like that. I know a lot of countries have more strict rules though. It sounds stressful to have to have it looked over by someone else like that!

      I think the first and surname I like sound okay together- that's a good point, that that's what will be heard most. I'm just getting sort of hung up over the initials. On a lot of forms and stuff you have to put the first initials then the surname, and for the ones I like it makes 'L Arden', and I just see the word 'lard'? It just bothers me a little, I guess. I'm probably being silly!

      Thank you, that was very helpful and interesting! It's really good to hear from somebody who's already done this c: