2 Pixel Icons + selling a plushie by Rooibos

Edit: The icon slots have been claimed. The plushie is still available.

I'm planning on opening for more commissions in a few days, BUT I have four pixel icons and I want to make a set, so I'm opening for two to be done fairly quickly. Examples include my current icon and these. $15 each.

First come, first serve. Comment here with this form:

  1. Character page or reference sheet:
  2. Any personality quirks you'd like to note or themes you'd like me to include:
  3. Any additional preferences or requests

and I'll reply with a confirmation before noting you.

In other news, I am selling a plush doll I made a couple of years ago, pictured here.
He's a white wolf who's made of soft faux fur (that is actually a lot cleaner in person than it looks in the picture). He's over a foot tall (great cuddling size) with floppy limbs and a squishy pot belly.

Name your own price (I am very flexible)! If you're interested, please email me at RooibosArt AT gmail DOT com or mention me on Twitter: @RooibosArt. That way, I'll get an alert to my phone and my reply will be almost instant.

2 Pixel Icons + selling a plushie


3 May 2014 at 16:44:43 MDT

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      Alright! Noting you now.

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      I'm sorry, but the slots were claimed! (one person contacted my privately, hence the lack of a comment)

      I'll note you immediately if either commissioner drops out. Otherwise, I'll be opening for more of these really soon.

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        Aww bummer I was really looking forward to one of your icons ;3; I was thinking about noting you about it as well. Okaies I'll keep my eyes peeled :D

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    [idk if you've picked a second person or not, but I thought I'd try for your amazing icons <3333]


    1- Being a cutie
    2- Gemini. She can be flipsy flopsy, so idk if that helps you with an idea or not lol

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      Both slots have been claimed, unfortunately! But I'll definitely let you know if anyone drops out.

      Otherwise, I'll be opening up for more slots real soon!! Thank you so much for your interest.

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    The plushie is sooo cute! I love those grumpy eyes!
    I'll have to think about hitting you up with an emal when i get the chance! :0

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      Haha yeah!! I thought it made him look really special as far as stuffed animals go. Like he's mad about being so soft and cuddly.

      and hey, whatever you do, thanks so much for your interest!!

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    I can't for you to open for more of these. I need to update my character's reference sheet though.

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    Man that plushie is so adorable. I wish I had the money to buy him! ;^;