Inspirational music by Sammacha

Do you listen to music for inspiration?
I do on a rare occasion. However some people listen to it all the time when they draw, I don't, I listen to whatever is on my playlist, however I can if you like, share a very beautiful and I think, inspirational song with you all.

Its classical, so you might not like it if your not into that

I think this guy (Yanni) makes some really fantastic music, and more often then not they try to give him an angelic look xD

so what about you? listen to it all the time? got something to share?

Ps: I gave someone an image which is 1000x800 pixels, and I asked if they needed something bigger in size. so they asked me, what is bigger then this?
Um... everything with a pixel over 1000?
then he said, what does that mean?
1001, 1002, 1003 etc...
Then he told me he didn't understand...
what the...
(no he wasn't trolling, he honestly isn't getting it)

Inspirational music


2 May 2014 at 11:38:22 MDT

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    That's got a nice upbeat sound to it! I prefer slower music when it comes to classical, especially when there's cellos & violins involved (sorta like this one: :3

    Almost all the time I listen to music while drawing, but sometimes it's nice to doodle in silence (if I can get that XD). At the moment I'm listening to a buttload of Blackmore's Night with a mix of SAO's OST!

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      Thats nice, I wonder if you would enjoy this?

      silence can be hard to come by, so I almost gave up on it xD

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        SO BEAUTIFUL! Puts me in mind of Okami ehe :D so soothing~

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          omg OKAMI!!!! xD
          so much love for that!!!

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            The Ryoshima Plains song from Okami is one of the most inspirational songs I've ever heard, I think.