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Open for a few holiday commissions! by Sparkyopteryx

So, I have a few rather involved and large projects coming up very soon, and with my Christmas gift art spree I'm planning, I don't have as much time devoted for other commissions. HOWEVER, I'm still opening a few slots for those interested. I'd be happy to do Winter or Christmas-inspired pieces, but it's hardly a requirement for these commissions.

Fully colored pen & marker sketches: $14.00. These are full figure, fairly detailed and with no background. If you want a simple backdrop for it add $2 to the price. Example: Here.

Pen portraits: $9.00 Simple character portraits done with various colored ballpoints; includes a colored backdrop for extra visual impact. Can also do Holiday-themed portraits entirely in red and green! Note: I do not have examples for this type currently. Be the first to get one and be my guinea pig!

Christmas FRENZY sketches: $5.00. Yes, the frenzy sketches are back. This time I'm doing them entirely in red and/or green (your choice) with an overall Winter theme, or if you so choose can have them in my usual black Uniball. Examples: Here & here.

As usual, I take payment entirely through PayPal; email is I charge $2 for shipping if you want your piece mailed to you. I can get these done and mailed to you by Christmas if you order them early in the month!

Thank you all for your time and consideration!

Slots open:




Open for a few holiday commissions!


24 November 2012 at 16:01:09 MST

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