The stream lag from a horror flick by whiteicepanther

So the stream is done for the night. Mainly cause the lag was just absolutely dreadful. That said, I'll be streaming again soon. So keep an eye out if you're interested. Good chance I'll be doing the $15 character flat again but will also offer the $10 colored sketch along side it.

Hopefully next stream wont be plagued with lag problems - which I'm pretty sure were on's end and not mine.

Till then!

The stream lag from a horror flick


1 May 2014 at 19:20:50 MDT

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    Ain't THAT the truth, WiP! That lag was something to behold. XD Good stream, though! :)

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      Thanks! I'm shocked the stream worked as long as it did, course it did die right at the end just before I called it a night. At least, it looked dead on my end.

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        Yup, it was dead on my end too. XD

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          Thought so. lol.
          I would normally blame this on my own internet but the chat freaking out like it did tells me it was all the sites problem. Perhaps by Sunday it'll clear up. I'm aiming for the next stream to be then.

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            I'll keep my eyes open, then! :)