Vote on what I should draw next, POLL! by 666zarike

Yeah, I have a lot of ideas, and even though I am working on 1 big commission and 1 short comic, I still want to draw some of my own pictures.
But I can't decide what idea I like the best =P
So help me by voting on what you want.

  1. Devina's "stalker form" (had this idea since I made her, a slimmer black skinned Devina with wings, that she uses when she stalks her victims)
  2. Elsa X Anna yuri picture (Now I know how all the Thor X Loki fan-girls feel like, fantasy incest ftw)
  3. Finish the Furry Zach concept god-dammit!
  4. Huge orgy pic with all my favorite futa/shemales from around the internet.
  5. A short vore comic with Devina (already started working on it, she eats, gets a big belly, "shits" out the subject whole)
  6. The Miss Friday short comic
  7. Devina's evening dress (draw the back and color both versions)

You can vote on 3 ones maximum, vote in order from what you want to be done first to last.
Thank you for the help =)

Vote on what I should draw next, POLL!


1 May 2014 at 09:02:58 MDT

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