So it's a Monday, Here's What's Up by whiteicepanther

I haven't been able to focus lately on anything. From taking care of a new dog my family adopted from a shelter, to starting a new work out project, to the general excitements of spring that I face everywhere when this season finally hits, I've been thoroughly distracted. Most of which is my own fault. But 'nough bout that.

I'm planning to do another stream sale this Wednesday (4/30/14). It'll probably be either in the afternoon or evening EST. I'm also debating what sale I want to feature. I want to possibly do something different than the colored sketches.

As for what else I've been working on, I mentioned I started a new work out routine. Well, that's leaving a lot of details out. Actually one of my best friends and I have started not only working out together to get back in shape and loosing a lot of weight (both of us legit needing it), but we've also decided to turn our journey into a documentary. Nothing fancy. It's just the two of us making it. Obviously this is going to be a few months in the making, but I figured I'd mention it. It is something I want to take quite seriously and I figure if I don't feel I can tell people bout it, then there's a chance I'll waver in my commitment like a lazy fat cat.

There will be another Noodle's animation within a few days - give or take. The animation is done, I just have to put sound to it, and not do a half bunned job this time.

So, hope to see you guys on Wednesday!
Till then!


So it's a Monday, Here's What's Up


28 April 2014 at 15:23:03 MDT

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    Hey, sounds like a good plan to me! A little extra incentive to carry something through like that never hurts, and it's a good thing to be able to look back and actually see your progress, too! :)

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      Totally. Those are large parts of why we're doing it as a documentary. We're also hoping that it could help others out when they see it. We do plan on releasing it publicly probably on some form of internet platform. Might hit a few film festivals first though just to see how it does.