Fursona Meme~ Why not?~ ^^ by May-LingFennecPanda

What made you choose the species of your main fursona?
GillPanda And WoW

Does your fursona have the same personality you have?
Not really~! ^^ She's shy, clumsy, and cumbersome~

Does your fursona have the same dislikes and likes as you do?
likes: Fun, transforming, yoga, Tai chi, being active, Bruno mars, books, art, flowers in the rain, and cute puppies.
Dislikes: Loud, noisy things, pain, people who can't love a plus sized girl, Daylight, being lazy, and people who don't know how to eat.

Does your fursona look like you at all?
Ehhhhhh well..... Kinda? The hair is spot on~

Is your fursona the same gender as you, if not, why?

Do you have more than one main fursona?
Eh.... MayLingFen, Angel Wolfette, Willow FeatherTail, Everfrost, and Ginger Snap.

Is your fursona mated, if so is it to your real life significant other?
Yes and Yes.
If not, are they looking for a mate or are they a swing so to speak?

Is there something special about your fursona that you think sets them apart from others?
Yes~ How big she is, how fluffy she is, and who she is~

Do you have much art of your main fursona?

Would you ever consider parting with your main fursona, if so why?
No, she's too cute and I love her~!

If you suit, do you have a suit of your main fursona?
I don't... :( I want one though~!

Have you ever roleplayed with your main fursona, or do you prefer not to?
Yes and i still do~!

Do you consider your main fursona to be a part of you in any way?
She is the BEST part of me~!

Fursona Meme~ Why not?~ ^^


26 April 2014 at 14:47:14 MDT

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