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Weasyl feel so far..(And general update) by Jake_silverwing

In all honesty I keep looking around here, submitting a few pieces of artwork a day myself but.. I keep seeing all these gorgeous submissions, beautiful watercolors, and many many stunning and almost breathtaking pieces of art..

I feel outclassed really.. I keep grinding and grinding away trying my damn-dest to make new things.. but I'm beginning to realize I don't think I'll ever reach that plateau...or get over this art block...not back to the way things were.. or better.. I'm still going to keep drawing but I think I'll be posting less and less as time continues...Life is kind of leaving me in the gutter the more I focus on my art and I have to scramble to keep things from falling apart with finances and my job...and not to mention just all the really cool furs I keep seeing.

I'm not the most confident of people even though I'm told I'm good to get along with and people usually love me within a short time of meeting me..but that's from biased sources XP and I just...I don't know anymore...I feel so empty sometimes, and art used to fill that gap for me..but lately it just makes me sad...because I'm always alone here... bleh stop reading this emo motherf*ckers rant and get on with your day =3 you've got plenty of other things that require more attention than lil ol me ^^

Weasyl feel so far..(And general update)


23 November 2012 at 01:42:05 MST

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    I'm not the most confident person ether, but I carry on. I also understand the feeling of being out classed especially when I joined BLUECANVAS with the crowd of professional artists, but I look up to them and believe that I can do what they do someday. You don't have to submit pieces everyday and instead take more time on one and really let it develop into a stronger work. A lot of the artists I watch take hours or even days to finish just one and the quality is extraordinary. As for your life out side of art it is okay to step away from the canvas. Go out and have fun, enjoy your self, and take care of what you need. The canvas will always be there for you to return. Good luck and may your days be bright.