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And now I'm here, too! by CaptainMeerkat

I kind of missed the jumping-ship bandwagon to join Weasyl, didn't I? Ah, oh well. Seems like a well-designed site, especially for an open beta, so now it's time to upload a few things and see how the community is!

And now I'm here, too!


24 April 2014 at 07:47:52 MDT

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    Not at all! We get plenty of new users in every day, and it's actually a bit slow right now right before the summer hits. So you chose a good time to sign up and explore. Welcome to the community~ let us know if you have any questions or such.

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      Thanks for the welcoming! I wasn't expecting it, to be honest, lol. Seems like the site is decently large that the mods and such would be busy.

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        We use the site as regular users, too. :) The mod tag just never comes off, which is a bit of a pain sometimes. If you stick around, you'll notice I'm pretty much all over the site haha. It's not part of the job description, but I think leading by example and being active on the site is another way for me to contribute to the fostering of a good community here on Weasyl. Sitting behind a wall isn't my style, I'm very hands on.

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          Gotta say, that's a nice change of pace *coughcoughcough

          Smack-talking aside, that's really awesome to hear! I've developed a fairly assume-the-worst attitude toward furry art hubs, but maybe Weasyl will be the place to change my mind. :3

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            I'm definitely proud of the staff here, they're the friendliest I've ever come across and treat users the best. The fact that they brought on a no-name person like me shows they're pulling people who are qualified, not just people who "know someone", you know? But I also like Weasyl because even before I started working with the site, people were far more friendly and interactive than on previous locations. Then again, I'm primarily a musician, so.. /ramble

            Thanks for giving us a shot, at any rate! I hope we can do a good job of that for ya.

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              Yeah, favoritism is something I've never really tolerated in terms of management and the like. If a friend happens to be the most qualified, that's awesome, but being friends with them can actually be a negative if either of you can't separate business and personal affairs.
              The overall atmosphere here feels a lot more positive than some places I've been, which is fantastic.

              I may upload some of the music I've composed here myself; does the site take kindly to .ogg-format MIDIs? I work in MuseScore, because it's free (whoo poverty) and has a decent enough interface, and also supports SoundFonts.

              So far, so good. I've already met a cool mod guy. :D

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                Heh, thanks. Absolutely. I came here entirely my own, I didn't know anyone. It's been a wonderful fresh start for me, but I've worked very hard for it. I hope it stays that way, and I will certainly do my part to help!

                As per your music question, the only format Weasyl directly supports is .mp3, but you can embed any SoundCloud or Youtube stuff instead. I usually convert stuff with as it's a good, free, safe site.

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                  Hmm. I can just export the file again as .mp3, I suppose. Would take, like, seven seconds per track. I hope other formats get picked up soon, though — always been a fan of .ogg, obviously. :>

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                    I hope so as well, albeit I have no influence over such things unfortunately. xD I am pushing for stronger support of music for the future, but there are a ton of other things that take priority, as important as it is to me to promote the music community here.

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                      Unless sites are dedicated solely to music, it usually isn't anywhere near as popular. Audial and literary works take more time and effort to take in compared to visual art, unless you're very active in scrutinizing a visual piece. I hope this site can break that trend a bit, and have a solid community for everything it offers. Considering I like to do a bit of everything, I'll be doing my part to contribute to that!