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picarto problems by EdTheBorderCollie

I'm trying to move my stream over to picarto, but for the life of me can't get it to work.
The streaming software (tried both Open Broadcaster and XSplit, on two different computers) connects, and appears to be operating normally, but when trying to view the stream this is all it shows:

anyone out there come across this before?

picarto problems


23 April 2014 at 20:23:33 MDT

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    I seem to be getting that all the time. close to just completely scrapping my account. No point in having it if I cant even use it.
    Worse yet there are no real solutions for it.

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      i gave up on it and went to instead

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        Well Someone finally helped me out. I had the same problem. and it turns out it was easy enough to fix. So simple yet... headdesks

        Here is how it works.
        -Open OBS, Go to Settings
        -under "Broadcast settings" Look for "Server" and Put in the stream server "rtmp://"
        -Undereath is your stream key.
        On your profile Page look under "Streamkey information"
        There should be a message that reads "Click here to display your streamkey
        -Click that and there should be a will start with "Live_xxxxx_ (and then an assortment of numbers and letters)"
        Copy ALL of that including the "Live_" Part...and Paste it in the box marked "Play path/Stream Key (if any)"

        Then just hit apply/Ok.
        Start streaming.
        That should fix the problem. :)
        Hopefully that helps

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          Did all that, still wouldn't work, but I have to use xsplit since my tablet PC is below minimum specs for OBS. I know it will work with xsplit, it just doesn't for me. Oh well, ended up liking FS better anyway.

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          Can you seem to help me too? I seem to be getting black windows.

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    Can you help me?