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how did taums come around? by Happysorry

I figured i owe some people how i made these little guys and why they are what they are today. I'm a bit sleepy and tired from school, and other things but i hope this helps out anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon, or trying to do things with the wrong idea.

I'll even put up some links.

So I wanted a character to represent me Cause.. I've started to get a warm welcome on here. I thougth of a bear, i thought of a deer. A dragon. And owl.

I drew a bear first. it was black and shadowy and had a weird little symbol.


it didn't stick well. I thought a bit and looked around some more. I was already having fun mixing creatures to make monsters. And with a little bit of a push with everquest i made myself an owl bear. the owlbear fursona happysorry.


i liked it. I felt really nice with it it has my body shape and all X//d. I made it super easy if i ever wanted to make a suit i wouldn't fry and i would be able to hold things.

Then i wanted to sketch my character out more.

After that i had people asking me for when i'd have adoption. I researched around and others gave me alot of advice and help.

People helped me out with prices and gave me ideas to help me grow with the little creatures.

i made the first pair.

it went fast at 15 dollars. I decided then that would always be my base.

then second pair:

and it went on. As time went on i began to advertise my art and little bears. and when that happened well i got some people wishing that'd i'd get sued and destroyed by other game companies. reality they would have to pay someone else way more money than it is to deal with me.

It was awkward and silly, to see people so passionate about it. So I changed the creatures names to taum.

I only made these species cause people requested it, they helped with it.. Even now i get ideas to make more from random users who just want to see the creatures grow and I admire that...

if no one said anything I would be the only one around.

I wanted to make it so that owners wouldn't feel locked or stuck to rules. I allow them to sell their little guys for more than what they buy them. I allow them to do whatever they want to them. Its their lovely little taum, i have no hold on it unless given back to me.

people even make their own closed species and characters that are very inspired by taums and you should go ahead X/d and have a look at their characters. theres some super cute designs.

some people note me though and send me 'oh this person has similar or looks the same' and I thank them for it. Its similar but not the same is what i tell them and I leave it be.

I don't like attacking people unless they did a very harmful wrong to me.

and thats.. not one of them. XD

i love my taums. I'll always make sure to do something fun with you guys if i can.

I know as time goes on there's always going to be bumps here and there. But i do appreciate you guys hanging out and supporting me and my little guys.

i understand why people get upset about closed species. there's a lot of things that go wrong with them and how vicious some people can be with them. May they be the one making the creature or the one all against it.
But give it a few days and you'll forget all about it. in about 10 years you wont even remember why you got all huffed up about it.

i got plans I want to make an animation, make toys, these guys are wonderful stress reliever for me. i wanna see how far i can go with these guys. If i get better heck might make a game out of them for people to play here and there.

Anyways sorry for the long read. Happysorry out, i wont be posting much on the comments but dont get to crazy out there.

how did taums come around?


22 April 2014 at 00:22:42 MDT

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    Oh my goodness, they are the cutest things.
    ゚✧( ◕ヮ◕)*:・゚✧

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    you are such a sweetie, one day I will have to buy a cutie taum x3

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      @ A@ ONE DAY!! <3

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        yes! hopefully i get this job im going to be interviewed for~

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    Taums are so adorable, and you are even more adorable for making them and being so awesome about stuff ;w;

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      peeps plum helped me out x//d i'm happy they grew as they did!

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    I don't understand the people who make closed species with no originality behind them and then go arpund accusing people of stealing it without the owner's permission. They make something that looks just like a wolf with a stupid hair do and then hunt people down because oh no there's no way at all other people could have had the same thought process.

    I have had a few messages about Kuja. I know it's not quite the same, but they accused me of ripping off some famous fursuit girl I'd never heard of who had a peawolf. She was an adopt, and her creator had never heard of this girl either. All starting with "i know Kuja is a pea fox, but..." Well they're already different then.

    Haters gonna hate and all that. Copycats aren't gonna get your beautiful art and design that goes with their own taum, they don't get to hang out with you, they don't get the super warm feeling of knowing they have something that's part of this cool little family.

    Argh I'm ranting. I love my little guy, I'm so happy I was able to get one, taums in general are awesome and you are amazing <3

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      i'm sorry you had to go through that, sometimes the fans of certain stuff attack people without the knowing of the artists. If the fursuiter did know and provoked it well they are just being an ass. But sometimes its just the stray people protecting others. i had this happen to someone on accident otl..

      and yeah X//d copying will only get you so far. sure it might give you fast easy results but its not going to be the real deal. and no worries on the ranting. Thank you so much .///w. i hope to keep them fun for everybody who joins in.

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        That was the odd thing, the fursuiter girl saw it and gave the creator her blessing. It's been weird white knighters moaning at me. Meh, I don't care. I'm happy with her. People be jealous, yo :P

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    I would love to see these little critters grow~

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    That's amazing that most of it came about over a year relation, I haven't been following you as long as I thought I had! chuckle But I do remember when you changed the name to Taum!

    I think the fact you don't try to control your species after people acquire it is very generous! I know I've seen people tell others not to resell their closed species acquirements and things like that--trying to control their species after it has "flown the nest".

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      I saw one the other week that was basically a sparkle deer. You needed to sign up to the website and their forums to get one. And you couldn't do anything with it that hadn't been run past the "admins" first. Where's the point/fun in that?

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        Indeed! That seems kinda silly...since people get these adoptables and want to build their own stories around them! It's okay to have a "set of rules", but people should be allowed to make their own personality and backgrounds for the adoptables they get!

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          peeps want to make a community out of it, nobody has a set rules so everybody tries thier own thing with it. some work some dont work, which i hope future creators look back and learn form X//d

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            It was interesting because one of my friends made a species crossed with eels, but they lived in the he drew their "home" environment because he didn't want people making them live in the water because of the eel part. Other than confining species rules makes it more fun to create them!

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    that's really cute and special :)
    i really like how they have evolved, how they still mean a lot to you and make you happy . u .

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      they be my little babies o//wo

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    It's been amazing to see how far they've come!