Need a new job.. (please read, critque wanted). by Adrian Skunk

but I cant really afford a paycut. I would like to be able to do commissions, but I don't think I'm good enough for that....

I like doing gift art and free stuff, but it would be nice to make some extra money. I also know i have a list of free art I was going to do for months but I haven't touched it. However, If I did commissions, I would only take a short list (3-5?) and Set time aside at night and on weekends to work on them to make sure I get them done in a reasonable manner.

So, I would like some opinions. Would anyone actually be interested? How much should I charge if I do start doing them (I technically do now, but its just pay what you want.....)? Also, what do you think I should work on? What's the biggest flaw in my stuff. Why do you look at my stuff and go "thats nice, but I don't feel the desire to get anything from him."? I can't really change my style which is a bit different from what I usually see on this site, but it would be nice to know if I I'm doing something that looks bad and I just dont know it or I havent done it enough to get better at it.

Need a new job.. (please read, critque wanted).

Adrian Skunk

21 April 2014 at 19:54:01 MDT

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    your art is definitely good enough to be able to sell, theres no doubt about that; i say you should go for it and start small, im sure people here wouldnt mind throwing money at you for your art, id gladly support you with this!

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    hey you're better than me and Ive gotten a couple commissions in the past. as for prices just look at what other people in your skill level are charging and do something similar.

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      Yeah, I just don't know what I would call my skill level. I keep thinking I'm good and then I look at other artists and theirs blows mine out of the water. Ah, I have no self-confidence, haha.

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        neither do I, but hey some people just want some cheap art. the problem is thinking about how much time and effort your putting into it compared to how much your getting.

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          Mmhmm. Just gives me a reason to learn to draw quicker!

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    Pricing is usually what each artist feels their art is worth. But you can also start out low and as you keep going, and realize maybe your prices should be higher, you can raise them.

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      Psh, i feel my art is worthless. haha. I might look into it a little later. Not many people seem interested at the moment so I will just this time to study and practice.

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        I like your art, it's nicely detailed.
        Sorry for the late reply.. can't check this site properly on my phone lol