Paolo's 2013 Convention Circuit~ by Paolo

Because I'm buying my second house and moving about right now, I won't be able to make it to any early year conventions, including the Furry End of the World Convention in Rochester, NY, and Further Confusion in San Jose, CA, and Furry Fiesta in Addison, TX.

Sad munkey :<

But unless unforeseen scheduling conflicts occur, I'm very likely attending the cons below. I'll grow and shrink the list as I learn about new conventions. If there're some I should visit not listed here,

please tell me!

Anthrocon (Pittsburgh) - July 4 thru 7. Hotrod themed!

Indy Furcon (Indianapolis) - Aug 9 thru 11. School themed!

Rainfurrest (Seattle) - Sept 26 thru 29. Dance themed!

Midwest Furfest (Chicago) - Nov 22 thru 24. Pirate themed!

Further Confusion 2014 ??

The plan for now is for me to room in a luxe suite with my husband maybe at RF and/or MFF, although we're not against bunking up with the right boy or boys *winkwink* ;3c I'll need/want friendly roomies for the others.

^EDIT 11/22/12^ If you're looking for an extra boy in your room, or want to start a room with me for AC, please get in contact asap, preferably in December

When the time comes, comment, note, or skype me if you plan to attend and in what capacity! I missed meeting a lot of people at FF and MFF this year, so I'm planning to be a bit more forward this time around >:3

Paolo's 2013 Convention Circuit~


21 November 2012 at 22:13:02 MST

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