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So my schedule has been a bit nutty the past week. I made a small trip for a family memorial last week for one of my uncle's. It left me in a sort of uninspired mood, so I hadn't gotten anything done. I took the week to just day dream and try and regain some focus on things.

That said, I do have another Noodle's animation started. I was working on it before the trip and it's actually almost done animation wise. The other animation I've been working on still needs the audio recorded, which I'm hoping going to force myself to get done this week.

I've also got some short films in the works for extremely early preproduction. I want to get back to film making since it's one of my core passions. I've been neglecting that side of work and self for bout 2 years now. It's time I get back on the horse and ride. I don't know how soon they'll move into actual production, I'm working with no budget and will be juggling schedules of the people who are willing to volunteer their time, so it could be a while...but I will fight to get them made. What they are I'm going to keep close to the vest for now.

I'm thinking of doing a themed commission sale. I'll offer like a back of 5 slots I think. I haven't fully decided what the theme will be though. I'm kind of thinking it'll be an avatar sale.

Streaming will happen again, though I'm considering changing it to a different stream sale. I just haven't decided what yet. Maybe a concept art or speed painting one. The main thinking is that I'd like to take a small break from the colored sketches.

Bout sums it up for now.
Hope you enjoyed a lovely Easter.


Animation, Writing, Art, and Tail Chasing


20 April 2014 at 21:19:49 MDT

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    Had an awesome Easter here, WIP! Given that I'm a gaming geek, I'd totally roll 1d10 and use the results from a chart to determine next project! XD

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      It's getting to a point where I just might have to do that. XP

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        Hey, it's a totally valid method! XD