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Art Doll Critique by NimbleBun

Our new group,, has grown alot in its first week! We are all pleased with how well received this group has become. We're already up to 45 watchers and have 9 artdoll reviews!

If you have an art doll that you have purchased that you'd like to review, please send us a note! I think I need to mention that this is not meant for dolls as DIY kits as the review is meant to review the entire process the artist goes through when creating the doll and selling. Doll kits just isn't something we want to fill the review group with as they're more of a consumable rather than a completed product. However, IF the artist did use their own DIY kit to complete a doll that you purchased, that is valid. The idea here is that the artist had full control over the final product.

I still have dolls that I will post reviews for along with a couple art doll commissions that I'm waiting for them to be completed. So there will be more stuff reviewed by me in the future!

and yes, you should review stuff you may have bought from the admins of that group, we are not immune to peer/customer review :D

in unrelated news, I'm adopting a few new children. I will post pictures of them when I get them in the mail next week ^_^

Art Doll Critique


17 April 2014 at 14:25:16 MDT

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