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Free Art Slots Available by Tang

Hey all, so I have a new paint tool SAI, and I wanna learn how to get better, have my tablet, and my computer is not suck, so it's time to hone my skills for commission work later on. I'm opening a total of 5 free (3 on my FA 2 on my weasyl) slots for people to ask for me what to do. Note that I'm not incredibly experienced in the artistic media, yet at the same time, it's free, so make of it what you will.

Pieces may not be taken based on order, but will probably be take on how interesting I find the art, looking for pieces to entertain as well as challenge me atm.

While a Ref sheet isn't required, it's highly encouraged, I can work much better with one then without one.

Free Art Slots Available


16 April 2014 at 23:06:36 MDT

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    Thank sounds exciting! How do we apply for said slots?

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      Just comment with your ref sheet if you have one, and your idea of what you want. I'm surprised all 3 slots on FA filled up so no there's just two here.

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    Very cool! I don't have a specific reference sheet but I do have a lot of different images here:

    I have no specific ideas and wouldn't want to make requests when someone is offering for free. Safe for work would be nice. Something swim suit related?

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    There's always Kal.