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Did you commission something from me at FWA 2014? by quaggy

Hello hello hello!

I'm still technically on hiatus for at least another week (and stuck in West Texas for a few more days), but I have a bit more free time now and have been trying to get a few things done, work through my queue, etc. I'd love to upload the commissions I did at FWA this year, but I looked through my photos and realized I only took pictures of ONE of them! SO if you commissioned something from me at FWA, I'd love to have a scan or picture of it! It doesn't even necessarily have to be a GOOD picture of it.

Also, if you bought one of my paintings in the art show, I'd love to see photos of them in their new homes! (:

Thanks everyone!

Did you commission something from me at FWA 2014?


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    I'll get a picture of the badge you did for meee. Glad you're doing well!

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      Thank you so much! <3 Also, do you possibly have Skype? I'd love to exchange contact info with you to chat, talking to you at FWA was really enjoyable and you're so kind and sweet!

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        You're welcome! Oh gosh talking with you at FWA was fantastic, you're very sweet as well! I do have Skype~ it's bitrberri if you'd like to add me.