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Awesomness and Where to Purchase a Copy ~ by Kryslara

Thank you everyone who joined in on the reading livestream, I hope that you guys are enjoying the story so far behind Selena and her dragon partner, Thor. :D

Also, for those who have read the 1st one already, if you enjoyed the book, feel free to leave a review on the story or anything through Amazon or Barnes and Noble! Anything would be awesome! Positive reviews help increase sales because that's the first thing people will see upon finding the book before purchasing and stuff :meow:

So far, it has 2 five star reviews, one on the Amazon UK and another one through :)

If you like dragons, magic, demons, and other fantastical adventures with magic scenes and a little bit of romance added in and where the story has a grim and dark plot, then check out my book:


Barnes and Noble:

Whiskey Creek Press:

For those interested, here's the back blurb of the book:

"When a demonic entity known only as the Sorcerer breaks free from the gates of Oblivion, he seeks out an ancient relic known only as Ragnarok, foretold by the prophecy that it would give him the power to take over the empire of Armageddon and to recreate the universe.

The empire’s last ray of hope, Selena Ayladail, a fourteen year old girl with no memory of her past, begins to uncover the secrets behind Ragnarok while also researching the strange symbol on her left hand that she has had for as long as she can remember. However, what she unravels places her life in danger.

Throughout her adventures, she befriends an extraordinary dragon who she names Thor. As she and Thor adventure across the empire, Selena unravels the truth behind Ragnarok, her gift with magic, and experiences first-hand the true wickedness of the Sorcerer."

Awesomness and Where to Purchase a Copy ~


13 April 2014 at 11:40:39 MDT

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