Wordpress? by AwesomeAvrin

So, I got some great information on Wordpress from the wonderful fades and he showed me just how versatile it is.
However, I'm getting trouble getting from "looks like an ordinary blog" to "looks like a functioning, good professional website"

Now, I'm using a host affiliated with WP, so I don't have to go into the code (though I totally can, I have a TINY bit of experience and have no problem researching specific things) to design it, and they upload everything for me. So, that part is taken care of...

What I'm wondering is..is there anybody with any amount of web design/wordpress experience that would be willing to help me convert one of these themes into what looks like a regular website?? If I'm shown once, I can usually do it from there, I just....don't even know where to start and with my needing this much information, there is no way I can research and get anything useful. :c

Also, new issue. I created a new page, but instead of attaching to the domain I purchased, the domain that my main page is on, it goes to a permalink and I don't know how to make it use my domain...wow I'm more of a noob at this than I thought, and I don't even know how to look this up to find a fix online because everyone is talking about changing domains/hosts and that isn't what I need.

TLDR; IM A NOOB AND NEED WORDPRESS HELP Message or note me if you are interested and you'll probably get art in return. Also my undying gratitude.



13 April 2014 at 09:46:50 MDT

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