I Feel Brain Dead by WindWolf

Just an update on some things, nothin fancy.

I'm a-workin on cleaning up a few frames of Tsebresos's and I's Fledge animation (I'm using part of it for my final project in my film class so I gotta work on it a bit) and I'm starting to lose my get-up and go for it right now, so I'm going to take a break from that and work on commissions. In all reality I've been feeling very artsy in the last few days, but I know that I need to just work on stuff for school and do the commissions I have before I can do anything else. Uhg. It kinda kills my creativity, but that's just the way it is. I've got to go to my cousin's wedding reception tonight (gall, I really really hate those) and that puts a halt on anything I'm working on today, which is kinda a bummer.

Also there is still no good news on the issue with my dog Rosie. My brother and I got into a fight with our dad which ended in him blaming us for the entire thing (as if we had anything to do with the fact that our parent's divorced and our dad had to take the dogs!) and now I don't dare talk to him for fear that he'll only yell at me. It's really not looking good. I'm very afraid that I'm going to lose my dog.

Oh yes, and I was working on a little husky head and tail (made with the altered base of my failed WindWolf mask attempt), but it's turning out like butt so I don't think I'll finish it. I'm also starting to think I'm not going to offer fursuit commissions anymore in the future. It's just... not for me, you know?

I'm... not very happy at the moment. :(

I Feel Brain Dead


12 April 2014 at 14:19:26 MDT

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