I'm not Dead :) by MishaFromMars

Just a quick update that I'm immortal and thus will continue to frequent all the art sites in my name/that I co-own. LOL.

Really now, I've been extremely busy with real-life events (Such as my new job @ Universal Studios >:D), keeping up with college, and relationships with my family and significant other :) All is going extremely well and has been for the most part! I guess good things come to good people ;u; <3

I'll see about putting up a livestream and/or doin' some sketches for some really sweet folks I met recently.

OOP! and Commissions are still open, but only for quick things like sketches. My time is being consumeddddd by woooorrrkkkk omnomnom.

I'm not Dead :)


11 April 2014 at 22:44:07 MDT

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    Yay for good and well! And please share the recipe for immortality too! Plus an antidote, cause that could get boring. ;p

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      Recipe for Immortality - Lots of Self Esteem and love and you'll live on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      ...but yeah that would get redundant D:

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        :C I hate to say it, but I think I'm already out of the running for immortality. I shall have to work harder! Because even a few extra years might be nice. ^..^

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          I can give you love <33333333333333333333333333333333333 does that help?

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            More helpful than anything ever! <<<<33333333333 WE SHALL LIVE FOREVER. Or at least until we're bored. ;p