weasyl submission ratings are balls by Spacedrake

I dont understand why breasts is considered 18+

most graphic novels (manga) which depict females topless are rated 13+, and by that definition i pretty much see it the same as a shirtless man.

given the context of the image isnt something like a chick with massive tits that are dripping in cum or some other sort of murrypurry fantasy shit, then i honestly dont see it as anything other than tasteful nude.

Even DA has a specific section for 'artistic nude' which a lot of my work would fall under. i rate my PORN clearly as 18+, but i feel its ridiculous to shield minors from something such as tasteful and clean nudity, especially something as innocent as boobs. and we're not even talkin' big boobs. because I dont typically draw larger busts, so really..this is something i doubt id ever agree with.

in my opinion there is no purpose of having a 'mature' filter which is also tagged as '13+' when it is something that will never be used. clearly people have different views on what is pg-13, but you know what i can name tons of pg-13 flicks with tits in them guys. or rather this link, http://voices.yahoo.com/parents-beware-pg-movies-nude-scenes-4260013.html can do it all for me.

CLEARLY the world does not think BOOBS = R18.

btw, i put this journal as mature (13+) because i said fuck, shit and now I'm gunna add dick, piss, wanker and cunt to the list!


weasyl submission ratings are balls


19 November 2012 at 19:08:34 MST

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    I believe anything that's an artistic nude is generally mature, while anything that shows arousal or bodily fluids, or made for the main reason of being 'murrypurry' as you said, is considered adult. So yeah. It confuses me a bit with the rating system, since I don't think it makes sense that PG-13 is... Suggestiveness? I mean anything more then a nosebleed could technically be called more then Pg-13.

    Weasyl is a great site but they have to work on a few details, like the ratings. It's one thing I think InkBunny did right, Is that they state: General - NO nudity, sex or violence; Nudity - Nonsexual nudity exposing breasts or genitals (must not show arousal); Sexual Themes - Erotic imagery, sexual activity or arousal.

    So I think it'd be helpful if they made a guideline of what is acceptable. -.- And maybe change it so it's not Clean, PG-13 which can be debatable what can and cannot be posted, and Adult. Since apparently PG-13 means the same as clean cept a little more risque. Hell, PG-13 means Tits and Asses in movie terms. And there's a bunch of paintings of naked people, not to mention statues and whatever else in public view in art galleries and museums and they are perfectly fine.

    I'll shut up now cause I'm kinda rambling. 8D

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      exactly this man, exactly this.

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    This was discussed in the forums before and I even got a warning because I strongly disagreed with this system. It will not be changed so much was clear, from what was posted. We will have to deal with it or stay at FA.

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      this gallery is only a shadow of FA for me, so it doesnt matter to me. however if you're running a site in such a fashion, even with a good lay out its kind a death sentence

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    Just an example of double standards.

    Unaroused cocks = viewable for 13 year olds.

    Lady nipples = ADULT

    I don't get it, however, it's much better that what that big purple thing on FA is doing.

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      ehh i like fa's tagging system way more.




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    I think it changed, and got stricter fairly recently, and I think it may have been because someone complained. I think it's a minor issue, and i tend to follow the rules where I go, but I do understand the issue. You are on FA? Under what name?