Computer Goal- Help? by VernonCross

Building my own computer... wheee.
SSSSOOO, I am willing to do Commission/trade type things for these pieces.
Say you wanna get the case for me, i can do a ref sheet and i'll tack a little extra on, or do however many pieces of art it'll take to equate to what you bought, and then give you something extra as a thank you :3

If you want to help but can't afford anything, you can always pimp me out, all help is appreciated!

making money is hard, man :T

this is mostly to help me keep track though -sobs grossly- xD monitor is first on my list of shit to get, then i'm gonna work on the case and stuff. -puff puff- i can do this.

Monitor- bought **
**Case- bought

Motherboard- bought
Processor- $159
Videocard- $139
Power Supply- bought
Memory- $79
Wireless adapter- $33
Goal $10/ $410

Computer Goal- Help?


10 April 2014 at 01:20:49 MDT

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    I'll help out with my next paycheck. It's not until Wednesday, though

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      that's fine, i'll have some time before i'm able to get everything. esp since i have a net bill to pay soon and that's gonna actually take out all of what i have saved for the computer already X0X

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        uh, sorry apparently i logged into the wrong account for my internet and got my roomates overdue amount and got confused.

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    How do you feel about doing a short comic with one or two color pages and the rest black and white? Featuring my psychbabies and their companion animals + a Boss Bosley cameo?

    Is that something you'd feel like trying to do? If so, we can go over details! (Got paid today :x)

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      how many pages you thinking? :O i may be able to do something short, but if it's too long i'll have to pass cause i lose focus really quickly with comics because of the backgrounds 8'D

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        Like... maybe 4-5 plus the color page(s)? So around 6-7 total?

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          i think i can do that .3.
          you'll have to do the panel layouts (like what you want on each page and text and everything XD)

          but yeah, i can do pages for $75 each, i actually am slower with the tones than with the colors cause i have to lineart the backgrounds instead of paint xD

          i suspect this will be a project done over time, for the sake of your wallet anyhow.

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            I can pay you in full now. But we can do the project over time, if it makes it easier for you. I have a vague idea of the story and panels in my head, but I'll have to sit down and get it all written and scheduled before we start.

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              okay, that works too. whatever you're most comfortable with.

              go ahead and note me all the page stuff, lets go one page per note so i don't get lost xD and i'll have you up for each one as a single commission for you on my Trello.

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                Okay, I might not have the details to you today, but I can send monies now. (Not feeling so hot and my brain is just not shooting any ideas/words out x.x)

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                  that's fine, just send the info when you get it down and i'll see about getting the pages done as soon as possible :3

                  do you need my paypal? and are we going with 6 pages or 7?

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                    I think so, but remind me just in case lol. As for pages, I'm going to pay you for 6, but if I find myself needing an extra page, I'll send that separately... if that's cool with you?