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A Word on Trades by Wishn

Hello! (^-^)y
Once I finish up my duties on my current projects I will begin looking about on the possibilities of doing trades if given the opportunity. I wish to continue to improve so this is one way I see I could to do it and receive constructive feedback. I could just as well just take on requests, but I find I do not get any real feedback when I do like I would if it was paid for or done as a trade. I assume because effort from both peoples are made, so you have a higher value an appreciation with what received (just a thought).

Trade of What?
I would mainly be focusing on my drawing ad fursuit related working but over the summer will also be working more on my hat making and knitted things! :3

My current projects (including a one trade) are at top priority so I am working on them all first. I'm having high hopes to begin within a few weeks or simply start over the summer if I do get any interest in it.

What to Trade With?
(^ I can ever figure how to word that right). If I find someone or am approached with the offer of a trade my half would be as I said above but the other person's half I welcome drawings, knitted things, or as well fursuit related such. Just what they feel like doing.

And that is it. Just some thoughts I have had to try and do. I will have more drawings and costume things up soon.

A Word on Trades


8 April 2014 at 01:56:38 MDT

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    I'm still up for mine!

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      Yes yes! You are the trade I mention in above I have as one of the current projects. ^-^

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        Aaaa I'm super excited!