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File AutoSave Utility (for artists, writers, whoever really) by Forest

Took me about a week to come up with, but...

rAutoSave Utility (Beta) - Click here!

I'd found out a feature for Manga Studio 5, that (sometimes) created backups of files whenver you saved! I thought it was an excellent feature, if poorly fleshed out. Well...I replicated it here, but in a more customizable form. I call it rAutoSave, for multiple reasons:

1) The name starts with a lowercase letter R due to my habit of naming my projects/plugins I create at work in the same manner, due to my nickname starting with an R. I dunno. XD

2) It autosaves based on a time that you pick using the eyeball icon in the system tray (no idea where it shows up for Macs though). Right click that icon to get the settings, double click it to get the directory settings.

3) You need to choose the directory to save to, and the directories to watch. An important note about choosing directories to watch: the program searches all subdirectories/folders, and watches those as well. So if you have an artwork folder, just watch the top level of it; the program will handle the rest.

4) The program only backs up files with the extension that you define. Its set up to watch for .psd and .sai files, but it can watch for any type of file really. Make sure to define that if you want it to watch for changes for different types of files.

5) The program only backs up when you save a file. I can't express that enough. Hence why I worked in an autosave option; it'll help you by saving periodically. NOTE: It only tries to save in the program that's currently focused on. So you've gotta make sure to have that window focused (clicked on) for it to save there. So if you switch over to an IM program and all of a sudden its asking you to save your chat, that's what happened, lol.

6) You can turn off autosaving if you want to. It warns you about 5 seconds before its about to save. Click that tooltip that pops up to delay the autosaving.

7) Donations are appreciated for this, it was a lot of work. XD Links are in the program (also here)!

8) Yes, I know the splash screen is ugly. XD I threw it together right before writing this, lol. I'll fix it later for the full release. Yes, you can turn that off too.

Okay! That should be it! This should work on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems (in theory anyway)! I've not had a chance to test it on Mac and Linux however, so anyone using those that wants to try it out, I'd appreciate the help. The website this points to isn't up yet (darn Bluehost) but it will be soon, and then I'll take down this link and link to that site, so people can get updates and such as they come out.

Hope it helps out everyone! :)

File AutoSave Utility (for artists, writers, whoever really)


7 April 2014 at 23:34:26 MDT

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