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I'm back by ShawnSkunk

the pollen where I'm has been washed out by the rain and it's still raining and my allergies if I'm right are almost gone but decided to come back on my computer anyways regardless because my eyes are little better to where I can stare at a screen a little better

as for what I've been up too the last few days when I was off my computer I went to see Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier like I said I would in my last journal and I was quite impressed Captain America was still Captain America they didn't have him change with the times and have em believing in some of the crap that our society believes in today he is still the same soldier the same patriotic American he was back in the 40's in this generation. while watching the movie I have knoticed some NSA references in the movie and if some of you know what I'm talking about and you watched the movie you would've probably spotted them too but I'm not at liberty to say for it might get me in trouble if I explained them on here. further more if I were to do a rating on the winter soldier movie I give it a five star rating cause it maintains Captain America's patriotic status and his moral American principles too. for the car nuts like me if you watch the movie you'll see a lot of nice GM models in the movie in cluding a couple of Pontiacs but I won't tell you I rather let you be suprised. final comment on the movie is simple for me I like the winter soldier he was 100% badass that's how cool I thought he was next to the super hero Captain America.

now as for me and eyes I may still have to take a break from my computer here and there to give my eyes a rest untill they're fully well but I am back permanantly untill the next time allergy season comes around again so hello to all my watchers and watchess I missed you all.

cheers ^^

I'm back


7 April 2014 at 14:26:52 MDT

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