I'm pissed offf... (ranting like no tomorrow) by Anuacyl

I've tried to be nice about this, really I have.. but after seeing 20 I'm no longer nice....

About two weeks ago, i had my settings so that I can view up to explicit material cause it was just me seeing it. Then I moved so I adjusted my settings to show up to moderate because there are some children here that don't need to see certain things and judging by the content guide would be fine for them to accidentally see.

However, today I readjusted my settings to "general" because people don't know how to properly rate their art. After seeing 20 images that I would consider mature rated as merely moderate, it just couldn't continue. Here I am suffering by limiting myself to being able to see even LESS of your art than before because I have asked multiple people to adjust their rating to be more appropriate, and in some cases reporting and nobody seems to give a flying hoot.

Please, i beg of you. Familiarize yourself with this before I lose my ever-loving mind.

I'm pissed offf... (ranting like no tomorrow)


5 April 2014 at 01:27:53 MDT

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    Please keep reporting these submissions as you come across them, we appreciate it. It's not an instant thing, but we do take care of them.

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      I believe y'all do, and are busy with multiple issues to handle. The part about nobody giving a flying.., would be those I thought to ask first about adjusting their rating before reporting the image.

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        Well if they indeed violate the ratings guidelines, they won't particularly get a say in the matter. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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    I know the feeling. I don't like to have my rating set to moderate and then see dicks all over my page. -_-;

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      Normally i don't mind seeing stuff like that, but i don't like taking the risk of kids showing up and seeing it. yeah i could probably look in the evening after they go to bed but I check sporadically throughout the day to keep a huge build up, I'm more likely to look at them all if there are only 3-4 new submissions, than if there are 20-30 lol.

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        I eventually look at everything, I just leave things in my inbox until I do. lol

        People don't tend to upload massive amounts of stuff, thankfully. Or I'd be at it forever.