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Weekend update. Stream Sunday? by whiteicepanther

Hey guys!

I know I've been quiet the past like week and a half-or-so. But here is a quite "what's up."

For those interested in my streams, I am hoping to stream sometime late Sunday night (EST). This'll depend on how tomorrow goes.

I'm a bridesmaid for one of my bestest friends, and her bridal shower is tomorrow. I'm gonna be hanging with her all day. So I'm not completely sure what my Sunday is going to look like. We also plan on having a couple drinks and watching, more than likely singing along to, Frozen.

I've also been working on a commission for Hughesis on DA. It's a cool full illustration and I'm looking forward to finishing it cause I think it's going to turn out really well. So I'll be finishing that up a bit tonight and probably Sunday and Monday.

Other than that...Sherlock is an awesome TV show (the BBC one). I think the whole thing is super well put together. The cinematography, writing, acting, editing, all well done. I finished watching it myself recently so figured I'd mention it. I don't normally talk bout shows and things I like, but I also feel like it's time I open up a bit more. So why not mention it!

I'll pose a journal on Sunday about whether or not I'll be streaming. I'm debating about doing a sale this stream since I'm working on the commission for Hughesis. But what I might end up doing is just do a few quick sketch commissions as a fun warm up and then spend the rest of the stream working on the illustration.

Hopefully cya Sunday in the stream!

Weekend update. Stream Sunday?


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    I'll have to pop my head in if I'm around. :)

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      If only I was more awake to actually do the stream tonight. (@,@)

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        Eh, such is life. :) Get some rest!