Been a while! by Taw

It's been quite a while since my last journal/update, so I figured I should write one to let you all know what I've been up to.

In February/Early March I was working quite extensively on the alleyway I posted recently, learning new ways to texture and optimize my workflow in general. Seems things went quite well, and I am quite satisfied with the end result (which I will post sometime soon here).

Since then I have also been looking for some work, as freelance is really iffy and the jobs I've taken in the past haven't really been quite what I was looking for. I'm not saying they were horrible or anything, just that I feel like I could have gotten a better experience if I were to apply somewhere more established and I feel something like that could help push me to further my skills and give me the challenges I'm looking for. That's why I've been applying recently to some bigger studios, ones with actual budgets and not ones that require crowdfunding to be able to pay their employees, because it's really iffy that those ones will actually meet their goal.

My 3D work slowed down temporarily for two weeks or so because my mouse started having issues where it would double, or even sometimes triple click when I clicked it once. It was doing this for the middle mouse button as well. Dragging/selecting things would rarely work too. It made 3D modelling quite a challenge and was frustrating, so I'm now using a different mouse. It's great so far, just will take a day or two to adjust to it's slightly different shape.

In other news, I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that I'm now dating someone. He's a great guy and has been a wonderful friend ever since I met him. He helps inspire me to keep working on new things and trying new techniques and to keep challenging myself. I feel quite lucky to be with him~

Not quite sure what else to say, things seem to be going good!

Been a while!


4 April 2014 at 15:26:24 MDT

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    Glad to hear that things have been going alright for you during the downtime1 I wish you the best of luck on the job hunt; I know how rough that can be.

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    Glad things've been decent! Do hope you get a better mouse soon, though! And glad you've got a fantastic new prospective partner!

    Absolutely brilliant! :D