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Hey everyone.

Just letting you all know, first off, that the reason I've been slow to upload new stuff (i.e. new entries about writing, since that's what I've been uploading lately) is because of a few things. One, I've been working hard to finish a paper at work (results from one part of the observations I did last year and the year before), so that's been taxing my brain for the past month or so. Two, I took a weeklong vacation recently, just drove up to Maine through Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire, and so was out of touch during that time (didn't get any writing done either due to very very much time on the road).

Now, I've finished the paper (for now) and will be submitting it for publication later this week, so that's out of the way, and obviously I've been back from vacation. So I am working on something new. But I thought I'd also let folks know that, in addition to original material, I've started re-writing from scratch my old unfinished novel Vagabond that I had been working on and uploading to FA for several years. I'm not going to give any kind of timeline for completion of that, but I will say that I won't start uploading any pieces of the new version here (and I do intend to upload them here, for free) until the whole thing is complete, after which point I'll do it in stages. I want to do it that way because then there won't be any long delays between uploads during which time any potential readers lose interest. But that also means that it will take a long time to even get that started.

That said, I figured I'd explain that because it will be consuming some of my time from now until it's done, meaning I'll be even slower than normal in getting anything new posted here. But that's how things go.

And, I will also be gone from the 20th to the 4th again, starting the last set of observations for my thesis project down at Kitt Peak, and usually while I'm on the mountain I'm too tired/distracted/insane to do much in the way of creative projects. So once again there'll be a pause in my productivity.

I'm basically stating all this because I'd like my watchers to get an idea of the reason I upload so infrequently. While I am technically still a student, I'm at the stage where school is less like school and more like a full-time job, so add to that a social life (which I do inexplicably have), admin duties here, and so on, and it doesn't leave me too much time/energy to really work on projects. But I do them when I can, so if you're following this account, you'll just have to bear with me.

PS: I am still open for art commissions regardless. If you commission me, I make that my priority until it's done. I haven't gotten a commission in a while, is why I'm bringing it up again.

Status Update


1 April 2014 at 18:45:46 MDT

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    Oo...Vagabond-I remember that story on FA! I really was enjoying it-I look forward to reading the updated version when it's ready!

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      You mean someone was reading it?!

      I kid (slightly), but you know, the main reason I wanted to start over was because the plot in the old version was starting to become impossible to resolve in any kind of coherent fashion, and my writing style has transformed drastically from chapter 1 to wherever I ended up at by the end there. So it was either give up forever or redo the whole thing, and I opted for the latter.

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        Yes, I read every chapter-I found the idea and story fascinating and unique. I so wanted to see if the doctor and Lerk were going to cure Cody...But yes, I can see how your style changed over the course of the story, changed for the better, and I could in some ways sense your frustration in the last chapters you posted-So I will be very excited to see the new version, having read the old-I'm sure it will be amazing, as all you works are!