About my wait time [Read if I owe you something] by Unh0ly0ffspring

I wanted my followers to know that if you do an art trade with me, i usually won't do my side till your side is finished so I can get a good idea on what I need to draw to make sure that you don't get something lesser then what you made ;.;
So if your waiting for me to do something for you and were in an art trade, I'm probably not gonna do it till you do your's, not only that but I don't have a lot of free time and won't have a lot till at least next week when my dad get's his new job and I can get home sooner then usual.

As for request/commissions, I generally make that a high priority thing so i will get it done in a day or two's time unless something gets in the way or I lose inspiration.

Thank you all for reading~

About my wait time [Read if I owe you something]


31 March 2014 at 19:26:23 MDT

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    I was gonna ask if you wanted traditional or digital art. However, I hate starting because I hate it when my trade partner hates my lousy art cuz I made it early and I didn't know what they wanted. ;n;

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      If people are bombing on you about that then they need to shush, I don't care how you draw it, really, as long as you put effort into it i'll love it~
      And you can do whichever makes you comfy~

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        I will make it digitally then. :3