BLFC con report! by Idess

BLFC 2014 was a fantastic con and I'm SO glad I took the chance and went! I had a blast and it was great seeing new and familiar faces.
I did something a bit different at my table this con, besides it being a Marketplace table and not dealers, and that was not offering digital badges or take-home work at all; my commissions were solely sketches and sketch badges. Sales weren't as good as they could've been because of this but I'm glad I did it, because I just can't imagine having more work to do than I do already! I finished my FC badges just a week or so before BLFC and still have 2 FC commissions to do before I can call it done; I would feel so overwhelmed if I had BLFC work on top of that! Despite not making a profit, I went into this con partly as a fun/vacation con and it definitely was that, so I feel great about it :)

We made a fast new friend in my table-neighbor <!weasyl-etuix> and just had the best time dealing next to her! Friday night we had a great dinner and conversation with Fuzzwolf, and Saturday we did Laser Tag and silly fun night stuff with a group of friends that totally made my Saturday night. I made new friends, saw old ones and just had a great relaxing time. I feel like I missed so much (didn't have time to bowl or do go-karts or fursuit for more than the parade aahh!) so I'm already feeling that PCD and wanting to go back!

Charlie and I are very much considering (read: most likely) going to BLFC next year, and possibly having it replace FC. I've been going to FC since '05 and it's definitely a tough decision to make and think about, but I feel that both of us have just grown a bit tired of FC and are looking for something new and more fun. BLFC filled that gap for us and we both agree that, if given a choice between the two, we'd choose BLFC. So fingers crossed you will see me at BLFC 2015! I'll definitely keep everyone updated in that matter, as usual :)

My next con is Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2014 which I am very excited about, being my home-con and all! Between now and then I look forward to finally being able to do some more fun art that I (and I'm sure you guys) miss :)

BLFC con report!


31 March 2014 at 14:33:55 MDT

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    Good to hear you had a good time! =)