A Four Day Mini-Odyssey (Be Back On Wednesday, April 2nd) by Cyan Glaciertooth

Okay, guys. I am currently at Logan Airport in Boston. I am about to go on a four day vacation/adventure to Toronto, then New York City, and then back home to Boston. On this adventure, this is what I'll be doing...


I fly from Boston to Toronto. My flight is at 2:55. I should arrive in Toronto at a few minutes before 5. When I get to Pearson Airport in Toronto, I'm taking Toronto's public transit (TTC) to a hostel in the city.


I'm going to see an indoor lacrosse game with Babsiwulf at the Air Canada Centre. The game starts at 3PM. Me and Babsiwulf might be doing other things during this day.


I leave Toronto by Megabus to New York City and check in at a hostel there.


KRAFTWERK!!! That's who I'm mainly here to see in NYC. They'll be at the United Palace that night. I've been wanting to see them live for so long, and I can finally do so next Tuesday! WOO-HOO!!!


Heading back home to Boston by Megabus. I have a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, and then I'll be back home.

Please note that in case I don't get to use the internet while on this adventure, and you want to get in touch with me, just be patient, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

It's gonna be an awesome next four days!

A Four Day Mini-Odyssey (Be Back On Wednesday, April 2nd)

Cyan Glaciertooth

29 March 2014 at 11:37:48 MDT

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    Kraftwerk.. you lucky dog you.... er cat...!!

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      It was quite a mind-blowing hassle just to get a ticket to see them. I wound up going through StubHub just to buy it and payed around $90 for a nosebleed seat. I even almost had to cancel my plans to see them because of other things getting in the way. But it was still worth it for me to see them live. Seeing Kraftwerk live has been a bucket list task for me, and I cannot be any more happier to have accomplished this! I might post my report on their set here! :)