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Hey everyone! Sorry I forgot about the prompt today. Things are a little hectic on my end as I am currently trying to pack up my home and move. And the general being busy and not going online until the evening.

Anyway, a few things.

  • Prompt suggestions are always welcome. Please send me a note or leave a comment on a journal or the front page if you would like to.
  • I've been adding the submissions to the bottom of the journals so they're all in one spot. I'm going to try to set aside time to do this on weekends from now on. So don't get upset and think I forgot about you if you don't see your submission. I still need to go through the sketch_a_day tag to see if I've missed anyone.
  • Remember, you can do any prompt on any day. As long as you tag it, I'll put it in the journal. I know I'm starting to get behind on the dailies myself.

I think that's it! I love looking at all the submissions you all have done so far. Keep 'em coming!! Thanks for your support!! <3

General Update


28 March 2014 at 19:10:22 MDT

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    Having just moved myself I know how hectic that can be. Hopefully you don't have as much to pack-up as I did when i moved. was packing for three people (and one of them had a lot of crap!)

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      There's only two of us, but I'm the one with lots of crap! Haha