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this'n'thatz by Geisteskrank

Random stuff from lately..

  • finally caught up on the walking dead
  • pissed that Natalia got eliminated on under the gunn, Asha was being a huge bitch to her and that sabotaged their partnership
  • lots of creative energy lately, been kind of just delving into solitude to use it
  • saw like 6 robins today, 4 of which in one yard, and also a redwing blackbird
  • thinking about going to anime boston next year, might possibly do a couple-cosplay as Ciaran and Artorias from dark souls with m'love, if we can pull something like that together
  • been dealing with some personal junk that I might put in a friends-only entry 'cause I need to vent about it

so how's everyoooonnneeee and stuff

edit: oh yeah and

  • also I recently retook the MBTI personality test and found that INTP seems to be more relevant to me than INTJ. it's led to a better clarity of understanding myself.



27 March 2014 at 22:04:11 MDT

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    :) I have wanted to see TWD, never had the permissions from my parents. =/ And, spring has sprung out here! :) How you doing?

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      Probably for good reason, if you're the squeamish type.. plus there are some really intense parts in the story. A recent episode hit pretty close to something traumatic for me. It's so worth the watch, though. :] The atmosphere and acting is amazing. I definitely recommend watching it once you're permitted!
      Luckylucky for springtime.. spring seemed to have started back in February when I was in Florida. O_O I want thaaaaaat.. lol.
      I'm doing ok, just waiting for the weather to warm up so it's easier to get stuff done, hehe.

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        Haha, no not squeamish. :P And, it's spring out here for sure. Rainy, too. Bleck..

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    Man, somehow I've manged to do a big load of nothing while being very busy. Hope the personal junk isn't too bad, but I'm here to listen if you need to vent! :)

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      I actually specialize in doing nothing, this entry is very cumulative LOL
      You got kind of a summarized version when we caught up recently, but I'll give the full run-down shortly. :j

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    Creative energy is good!! Curious to see what comes of it.
    I mmmmmmmaaaaayyyyyy be kinda maybe sorta doodling some nutbolt fanart D:

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      Indeed, it's been a while since this kind of motivation has manifested.. feels gooooood. I've got a few digital painty things to share soon. Hopefully something more finished, at this rate.
      YYAAYYY I'm honored! :O can't wait to seeeEeEee that now XDD squees annoyingly