Moving out and need some extra cash by monarobot

Hey guys, I'm moving out (unexpectedly) to a new apartment, this is happening much sooner than expected so I'm going to need some extra cash to recover what I had to pay for my first rent+deposit thing and for some simple furniture because besides a bed my new room/studio space has exactly nothing...

So this means discounted commissions are in order! if you are interested I'll be doing a 50% off thing, that means full body characters/pokemayans etc. will be 20USD each (25USD with shading), icons and mayanized character genitals will be 10USD (15USD with shading).

You can grab several slots at a time! if you don't want a commission want to help a fellow artist out you can donate via paypal to at this point ANY amount helps, to help with groceries and the like, if your donation is on the biggish side you'll surely get a thankyou drawing!

Since my Weasyl is not really in use right now you can find samples of my maya styled works at:
For a swifter reply you can contact me at any of those sites or via email at

Thanks for reading!

Moving out and need some extra cash


27 March 2014 at 21:36:50 MDT

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