Whoops! by kritheavix

So, this last week has been pretty interesting!

Monday, between 3-4am, I woke up with intense stomach cramps. Unrelated to what happened, but it's worth noting that I woke up in pain, dazed and more than a little confused and disoriented. I stumbled into the bathroom, took a seat... and the next thing I know, I'm face-down on the bathroom floor, blood pouring out my nose and a couple of massive bumps - later bruises - on my head from having smacked into a couple things on the way down. Whoops. I picked myself up and cleaned off as best I could then sat up for a few hours, just to make sure concussion wasn't an issue.

Turns out from the doctor that was probably the best idea I could have had. Plenty of signs of concussion! But after going over a few things with him, I'm now waiting to hear back from the hospital to book me in for an EEG scan with the potential of an MRI later on if they can't find anything conclusive. Words like seizure and epilepsy got thrown around; I'm really hopeful that's not the case. He did point out that as I'd woken up disoriented and then sat down, there's a chance that 'your brain simply thought "well, this is comfortable!" and decided to go back to sleep.' Fingers crossed that's all it is!

My thrilling adventures! :o



27 March 2014 at 14:16:03 MDT

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    EeP! Hope things are going to be okay!

    Man, falling asleep on the can. Das' funny.

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      ER. Not necessarily making too much light of it, of course!

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      Yeah, it's pretty stupid. Had to have a laugh about it afterwards! Hoping to hear some good news sooner rather than later.

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    Fingers crossed no "complications" follow.