darn keyboard... by whiteicepanther

The darn thing keeps randomly not registering keystrokes. Imagine trying to type a sentence without using the letters "I" and "M", it's maddening.

Anyways, did do a stream this weekend. Went really well. Big thanks to those who stopped by and especially to those who got a colored sketch. They were awesome to work on and made for a nice Sunday night.

Not sure when my next stream will be, it'll most likely be next weekend.

Different note,
I started volunteer work at a local animal shelter last Saturday. It's was quite a bit of fun. I pretty much took pics and video, and played with the dogs for the day. Once the weather is warmer and I've been there a bit I'm sure I'll probably be doing a bit more than just that. Either way, I don't mind. I like being around animals.

Other than that...
I still gotta get that audio recorded so I can finish the one animation project. I also plan on making more super short shorts with the Noodles in-between larger projects.

Now I'll stop typing while my keyboard is still working.


darn keyboard...


24 March 2014 at 17:11:55 MDT

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    Sounds like a good weekend to me! Having a keyboard drop strokes is one of those unforgivable hardware failures, in my opinion. I'd personally either dump (if it's a cheapo) or repair (if it's a mechanical) that thing pronto! Annoying as heck.

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      Haha, I've already got a new one coming. Should be nice, it'll have flatter keys than this one. I'm sure I could probably fix this one, but I don't want to spend the time on it.

      And I agree, dropping key strokes is horribly annoying. Took me forever to get things uploaded today cause of it. That, and when you use a lot of hotkeys in programs like photoshop, it really slows you down when they aren't working properly.

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        Which one did you pick for the replacement? I personally love mechanicals, I have a Razor BWE myself. Buddy of mine finally talked me into it about a year ago, and it was worth every nickle! :)

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          Sadly I'm a budget since I'm trying to set some money aside to pay off some student loans so I went with cheap but good. I got the Amazon basic. It's got decent key stroke response time and the keys are island style. Which feels better to me for some reason. It's not the quietest keyboard around, but neither was my last one.

          I did look at the razor's a bit though, they're so pretty...and they're keys look like they'd feel really nice to type on. But then my wallet said no. XD

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            Good choice. As much as I love awesome computer hardware, getting those loans paid off is quite a bit more important! And yes, they ARE as fun to type on as they look. :)