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What Else Would You Like to See From Me? by Mariposa Miniatures

Hi everyone~

Just wanted to gauge interest on the things I post, and get some feedback on what you like seeing and what you don't like seeing.

If you don't like seeing certain stuff, I won't necessarily post less of it, but I'll try to either bombard you with a mass update to get it out of the way, or sparingly update every once in a while. If you do like seeing certain stuff, well of course I'll work hard to post that stuff more often!

You can be as general as: drawings, clay-work
You can be more specific like: chibis, jewelry, sculptures, personal art
You can even be super specific like: omg I love seeing your earrings, but I HATE getting ring updates. Also I only like your anthro/kemonomimi cheebs, and all yur humans are dumb lol (JK please don't be that hateful when you're being specific. I appreciate bluntness, but I'd prefer a proper critique not a hate fest xD)

You can even ask to see new things I haven't done yet! Different types of charms? Woah! Tutorials and tips? Woah! Non cheeb digital arts? Woah! I love trying new things :D

So yeah. Just wanna get some input from the community. Yeah I post for myself, but I want to give you all the chance to see more of the stuff you like too! It's an art community for a reason. Your input is really appreciated~

What Else Would You Like to See From Me?

Mariposa Miniatures

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